“Rhino Stay”

Buy a Rhino and keep it healthy and safe on Buffalo Dream Ranch

“A conservation investment opportunity in a) the future of the rhino species, and b) your pocket too.”

Have you ever wanted to really own you very own rhino?  Well, now you can!

In this time of rampant poaching as a result of the ongoing trade-ban, and the devastating effects of drought in the now restricted rangelands, both resulting in ever dwindling rhino numbers, Rhino Stay has an offer that allows you to do your part in saving this amazing species, without the concerns associated with ‘homing’ it. Buy a rhino and then leave it with Rhino Stay for the necessary care and protection until the trade is legalised and/or the poaching crises abates.  Your rhino can thereafter be re-homed in any safe and lush wild rangeland of your choosing to live out its remaining days.

In the mean-time:

  • Your rhino will be notched and microchipped for its safety and record purposes.
  • Your rhino will be monitored 24/7 with a unique state-of-the-art security system to insure your rhino’s safety from poachers. This system has proven itself with ZERO losses to poachers over the past 27 months
  • Supplementary feed will be provided seasonally, and throughout periods of drought, to ensure optimum health of your rhino.
  • Our inhouse veterinarian will take care of your rhino, administering any vaccinations and preventative medicine required.
  • Our inhouse team will constantly monitor your rhino, and in the event of injury or disease, you rhino will be placed under immediate observation and care from our inhouse veterinarian.
  • Your rhino’s horn will be regularly trimmed for protection purposes and the horn will remain your property. You can expect an annual production of up to 750g from a female and 1.5 kg from a male, although trimming will only occur every 18 months, or longer as management dictates.  BDR’s pending CBO status will allow us to legally trade this horn, which at a minimum should cover your costs, if not make you a profit.
  • Any births from female rhinos will remain your progeny. The calf will run with the mother here on BDR fee-free until the age of 6 months, after which fees will begin to apply.
  • Rhino Stay will assist you with any permits required at no additional cost other than the minimal permit fee as prescribed by Government, including transport, storage, buying, selling and other permits.
  • Rhino will do all that is needed to keep your rhino safe and healthy however, deaths by various means including malicious (poaching), disease, illness, lightening and other, are largely unavoidable and will remain your risk.
  • You will receive photographs and news of all major events in your rhino’s life, and you will be permitted to visit your rhino on Rhino Stay once a year.

The fee for this service, post the auction price paid for your rhino, will be ZAR 5 800 per month excl. Terms and conditions apply and can be provided on request.

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